We take up Projects of new constructions and build your dream home into reality. Independent Houses, Row Houses, Adding additional floors in old house, all this works with Permissions, Engineers consultation and Vastu compliance


Remodelling and Renovating a house or commercial as per vastu and engineering feasibility is essential to building a structure and with the correct placement of the five elements (namely earth, water, air, fire, and space) property owners can achieve prosperity and happiness and remodeling is purely born through our love for how structures meld together and a desire to blend functionality & aesthetics through design keeping in mind the clients requirement.


Needing a repair or restoration? We have team of people who are expertise in the field of plumbing, carpentry, electrical, civil repair and even water proofing to entire structure or a single floor, we are there to help you with new ideas and repair / restoration that will end your worry. Your worry ends when you hire us for the work.


We undertake Interior works of false ceiling (POP & PVC)  wooden works  by making modular kitchen, TV Cabinet / Showcase, bedroom cupboards, king size bed / queen size bed / single bed / double bed with or without storage space etc, We also undertake commercial shops Interiors and their need for false ceiling and wooden works, from conceptual development, communicating with the Clients, management and execution of the design given by us or by the clients.